Training Division

Our training division bloomed in the year 2008 when we were training our client on PPA and profiling. In the year 2011 we officially registered with Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF, PBSM).

We value our clients’ needs very seriously and each assignment we undertake with meeting the needed objective at the end. We believe each organization foot print is unique and knowing the organization well and the aspiration of the company predetermine the need of each training.

Partial List of Our Most Sought training:

  • Team Synergy for Better Result
  • Customer Service Which 'Wow'
  • Start Up English for Hospitality
  • Industry Creating Extra-Ordinary Team
  • Effective Team Building Program – SLIM
  • RoHS Implementation In Manufacturing Industries - Hazardous Substances (HS) Management System
  • RoHS Compliance in Manufacturing Industries Managing Performance Managers
  • Effective Recruiting Skills
  • Effective Induction Sessions
  • Performance Management: Finding the Best Approach for Your Workforce Reaching for Stellar Customer Service
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Employees Leading Virtual Teams
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Communication
  • Successfully Managing People
  • Leadperson Effectiveness
  • Basics of Supervision
  • Employee motivation & Empowerment
  • Job design model of motivation
  • Job Satisfaction among Employees
  • Effectiveness of training
  • Employee engagement
  • How to demonstrate respect at work